Ryder Grindle

Ryder has spent twenty years working in and around film and theatre; twelve years of this as a successful projectionist. Having previously worked as an actor with various companies, including Sydney’s Sidetrack Theatre Company and The South Australian State Theatre Company, Ryder decided to move into film and film production. He spent several years teaching audio and video production skills, both through the University of Adelaide’s Performing Arts Technology Unit and as part of the Northern Youth Strategy’s programs for troubled youth.

In recent years, Ryder has put a primary focus on his writing; producing several screenplays with Gawain Gollop and participating in many SAFC programs, including the HotHouse, Script Factory and Laboratory for Advanced Media Production.

Beyond screenwriting, Ryder has been working as the in-house music video director for Melbourne’s Crookneck record label.

Ryder has several screenplays that have been optioned by various producers, but has long since stopped giving people dates that any of these films might come out.

Ryder is the writer of the ABC cartoon series, Figaro Pho.